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On asking questions, hip-hop dirty talk, and clean language

I’m a huge fan of rap/hip-hop music. I just love its great vibe, beat, and energy. When you get down to the lyrics of many songs in the hip-hop genre, you may find some of them somewhat direct and the usage of dirty talk interesting or uncomfortable, depending on your point of view.

On the other hand, or on a totally different hand, there is a method of asking questions that emphasizes clean talk. Clean not in the sense of not being dirty as discussed above, but as clean in the consultant / therapist’s influence and approach. As Tosey and collogues define it, “clean language is an approach to questioning that facilitates exploration of a person’s inner world through their own naturally occurring metaphors”.

Now you can choose:

· Going deeper into the hip-hop world – go here and hurry up to watch Netflix Hip-Hop Evolution.

· Going deeper into clean language methodology here

· Checking out great questions at Let’s talk here

Or just go here, turn up the volume, and listen.


Tosey, P., Lawley, J., & Meese, R. (2014), Eliciting Metaphor Through Clean Language: An Innovation in Qualitative Research. British Journal of Management25(3), 629-646.


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