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Ask questions. 

Speak openly. 


The "Let's Talk" deck sets the ground for authentic, open, and brave communication in team meetings or 1:1 conversations. 

Having an "eye-level" conversation, asking good and challenging questions, pausing, and listening to what others are saying creates the confidence needed for trust and psychological safety. And where there's psychological safety, there is more creativity, motivation, and higher performance. 

There is no right way to use the Let's Talk pack. Yet, there are different settings and relevant behaviors you may want to try to help better listen and create meaningful and honest conversation. 

Here you'll find some recommended uses for the deck; more options are in the actual deck package.  

You can also start a listening session with a short video or other cool content - click here for relevant ideas.

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Your role as a manager​

  • Truly listen – do not interrupt, be focused.

  • Provide a safe environment to voice.

  • Be open to the topics that are discussed:

    • Be prepared to learn new things.

    • Be ready to hear uncomfortable topics.

  • Respect the other side's point of view- even (and especially) if you do not fully agree - try to understand their perspective 

Team conversation​ 


  • Choose the best cards before the conversation.

  • Shuffle and place the pile of cards facing down.

  • Each player picks a card from the pile in turn-

    • They can answer the question themselves.

    •  Or ask someone else to answer it.

  • If a player chooses to direct the question to someone else, they’ll pick another card afterward and answer the question. 

1:1 conversation

  • Choose the relevant timing (quarterly meeting, for example)

  • Choose the best cards for your purpose.

  • Place the pile of cards facing down.

  • Ask the other side to pick a card at random and discuss the question.

  • Take your time.

  • Listen actively, ask questions, try to understand, and develop a conversation.

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