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Listening - Executives’ Power Skill

Updated: May 17, 2022

Here is the thing. Listening is a crucial power skill for both managers and employees. Yet, bad managers are getting worse at listening. It seems like a wake-up call. Here are a few facts about the power of listening, all well established: 👉🏼 Listening increases psychological safety for most (Castro, Kluger & Itzchakov, 2016). 👉🏼 Listening is associated with and likely cause of desired organizational outcomes (Kluger & Itzchakov, 2022). 👉🏼 Listening correlates with employees' creativity (Castro, Anseel, Kluger & Turjeman-Levi, 2018). 👉🏼 Listening is mainly dyadic (Kluger, Malloy, Pery, Itzchakov, Castro, Lipetz, Sela, Turjeman-Levi, Lehmann, New & Borut, 2022). 👉🏼Asking open questions combined with attentive listening satisfies followers' basic psychological needs! (Van Quaquebeke & Felps, 2018). As put by Covey: "Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood®." References: Listening is a crucial power skill - Udemy annual report 2022 Bad managers are getting worse at listening - Humu annual report 2022


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