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Let's Talk Cards

Build trust, psychological safety, and intimacy in teams by asking questions and listening attentively to the answers. 

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Let's Talk deck is based on updated and advanced listening and psychological safety research.
No statements, no slogans, no monologue. Simply great questions to build meaningful, honest, and courageous conversations.
Here is a taste of the main categories you'll have in the deck:


Zoom in on the things that matter.


"Work it, make it, do it.Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger."

- Kanye West


Checking in with ourselves on things that matter to us, sharing and building trust and intimacy.


The ability to see different situations in a fresh new way. 


Is everything, right? 


Willingness to express an opinion even in the face of disagreement, meaning courage is the will also to be vulnerable.


"I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then".

- Alice in Wonderland


An authentic invitation to try and understand another person, even if they think differently.

 "Drawing on research on question asking and on listening, Dotan led us to share and ask various questions. The experience was both moving emotionally and instructive in terms of the management of my team."

The end result was that after Dotan left us to cope with the revelations, we decided to dedicate our next meeting to map the multitude of practical issues that face us and to build a plan to deal with them. I felt that each team member contributed both to the explication of my blind spot and to the solution. I am grateful for Dotan for changing roles with me from being my former student to becoming also my teacher. I strongly recommend his approach to any manager who is willing to dare and to learn what really goes on in her/his team."

Prof. Avi Kluger

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