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"Upon my invitation, today, Dr. Dotan Roger Castro, met my team of Ph.D. students to demonstrate his team-building with question cards he developed. Drawing on research on question asking and on listening, he led us to share and ask various questions. The experience was both moving emotionally and instructive in terms of the management of my team. I will keep the personal and emotional sharing off this post to protect the privacy of the participants. In terms of management, I was surprised to learn that the team needed more discussion of practical issues, related to our research, in addition our communication regarding theoretical considerations. The end result was that after Dotan left us to cope with the revelations, we decided to dedicate our next meeting to map the multitude of practical issues that face us and to build a plan to deal with them. I felt that each team member contributed both to the explication of my blind spot and to the solution. I am grateful for Dotan for changing roles with me from being my former student to becoming also my teacher. I strongly recommend his approach to any manager who is willing to dare and to learn what really goes on in her/his team."


Prof. Avi Kluger

If you are looking for a way to enable an open, rich, deep conversation in your team, one that is truly worth listening in on, I highly recommend the Let’s talk pack. From my personal experience, working with these cards opens team conversations, is interesting and refreshing, and provides opportunities to learn new things and increase engagement.

We provided managers with the Let’s talk pack instead of another book. It’s a practical and highly recommended giveaway!

Tammy Embar, Clalit Health Services

“I used the Let’s talk pack both as part of a personal consulting session for managers and as part of a team meeting session. In both cases the cards helped to invoke important issues and contributed to authentic discussion in a fun and playful way. The pack and the surprise of uncertainty led to creative tension that made the experience very positive and meaningful for the participants as well as helped to deepen and examine professional issues and personal perceptions from different angles to gain insights and find solutions. The pack encompasses a wide range of questions that suit different situations. I highly recommend it to consultants and managers as a method that combines creativity, play, and real dialogue.”


A consultant of one of the big 4 accounting firms

“I delivered the session yesterday to the staff. They were really excited. We loved it!”

VP HR of a global technology company

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